Account Updater

PayConex’s Account Updater program enables the secure electronic exchange of account information updates between participating issuers and acquirers for a credential on file merchants, enabling a seamless payment process. Account updater is ideal for our merchants that are processing with Elavon & are doing scheduled/recurring subscription-based payments so that their processing is not interrupted due to out-of-date payment data.

How Account Updater Works

Step-by-step, this what Account Updater does with your request:

  1. A merchant will have to build a file containing the card data or tokens associated with the cards to verify. This file must match the format outlined in the File Specifications section.
  2. Merchants can then use the Secure FTP (SFTP) process to upload that file to Bluefin's server.
  3. PayConex will process and submit that file to Elavon for verification.
  4. Once the responses are received, Payconex will automatically update existing Recurring Schedules tied to submitted tokens and return the results in an easy-to-understand response file that the merchant can download securely using the Bluefin Secure FTP.

Account Updater allows you to:

Automatically updating the card credentials.
Reduces service interruptions.
Creates frictionless customer experience.
Boosts sales and customer retention.

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