This article describes the different API authentication methods used with the PayConex API library

There are two parameters that are required to authenticate an API request.

  • account_id
  • api_accesskey

The values for these parameters can be retrieved from your PayConex account's settings page.

Direct Authentication

PayConex allows a developer to validate their requests by sending the account_id and api_accesskey directly in the API request. This will be shown in code examples in the documents linked below.

HASH Authentication

A second way to validate an API request is by taking advantage of the PayConex HASH authentication. This method is intended to allow increased security as it does not require including the api_accesskey directly within an API request.

The PayConex HASH authentication also allows the hashing of other transaction parameters. This provides the ability to accomplish tasks like including a unique identifier for PayConex to use in API authentication.

This authentication method is typically implemented within client-side applications where a developer would not want to store sensitive information such as the api_accesskey.

For a full guide on using the HASH authentication method please see this article.

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