Decryptx Parser

The Decryptx Secure Payload Parser API endpoint is designed to simplify P2PE integration by processing complete payloads. It extracts the P2PE data from the the payloads and decrypts it. Furthermore, when the decrypted payment data is track one, track two, EMV track two equivalent data, the Parser will extract the important information like the PAN, expiry, and the card holder's name and return them as discrete values.

Supported Devices

The following devices are supported by the Decryptx Secure Payload Parser:

  • Luxe 8500i
  • Luxe 6000m


  • ISMP4
  • IPP350

  • Ingenico iPP 320
  • Ingenico iPP 350
  • Ingenico iSC 250
  • Ingenico iSC Touch 250
  • Ingenico iSC Touch 480
  • RBA Devices

  • Wisepad 2

  • M010

  • IOS
  • Android

  • MX 915
  • MX 925

  • Nomad 2.0
  • WisePad I
  • WisePad II

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